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Fly-tying & Tackle packages to get you started, designed by George.
Buy what you need  at reasonable prices to catch Pike & Musky
Currently, the flies I have found most productive and easiest to use are not available from any commercial catalogs. They still feature bunny strip streamers, which when waterlogged, are heavy to cast and tend to tangle around the hook bend. Artificial hair patterns work, but marabou streamers, in my experience, out fishes them all, and luckily, they are very easy to tie, even by inexperienced fly-tyers. My other favorite streamer is the Flashabou pattern, also easy to tie and cast, and very effective for both pike & musky. The 3rd necessary fly is the Deer Hair Diver, which, luckily, can be bought from most Fly Dealers.

I've put together a FLY-TYING PACKAGE, which will allow you to tie 40 - 50 marabou and Flashabou streamers. Detailed pattern recipes are in the book. It's got a portable vise and tool kit, so you can take it along on your next fishing trip, to repair chewed up streamers...or create a custom fly on the spot.

Also, for those who want to get into this exciting sport but don't have the proper equipment, I've designed a basic package, including an excellent yet moderately priced Temple Fork Rod (recommended by fly-casting wizard, Lefty Kreh), and Orvis reel, loaded with the proper Pike Line and backing, and a supply of proper leaders.

See them below for complete descriptions and ordering information

1 – Fly-tying pedestal vise and basic tool kit in wooden carrying case. Tie flies anywhere!

50 – Mustad #34007 - 3/0 stainless steel hooks, + 1 hook sharpener

2 – spools heavy duty thread: white & black

6 – pkgs. of Marabou feathers: 1 each of: White, Red, Yellow, Chartreuse, Orange & Black

4 – pkgs. Flashabou: 1 each of: Pearl, Gold, Green & Black

3 – pkgs. Crystal Flash: I each of: Silver, Gold & Black

2 – pkgs. Of Hairabou, 1 each of: White & Gold

1 – length of large silver mylar tubing

40 – dumbbell eyes: 20 large & 20 medium

40 – Red decal eyes: 20 small & 20 medium

1 – bottle of hard head cement
 COST: $139.50, + $15 Priority Mail shipping & Insurance to USA

  PayPal is accepted.
contact George @ for a PayPal invoice. Check with George for shipping costs outside the USA

1 – Temple Fork Professional model 4-piece med-fast graphite rod: Choice of 9 or 10 wt.

1 – Lamson Konic Large Arbor, disc drag fly reel

1 – Rio or S-A  9 or 10 wt. “Pike” fly line, pre-loaded on reel

100 yards 30# test backing, pre-loaded on reel

1 - spool 20# test fluorocarbon tippet material

2 – spools 30# test TygerWire (or similar), bite tippet material
COST: $439.50, + $25 shipping & insurance to the USA

Extra spools, lines and backing available at additional cost

  PayPal is accepted.
contact George @ for a PayPal invoice. Check with George for shipping costs outside the USA
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